Immunology is a conundrum to conventional medicine, there has always been a lack of treatment, with the exception of antibiotics – for a secondary infection. The same is true for the current pandemic. Fortunately in naturopathy antiviral herbal formulas are well practiced and supported by traditional and scientific evidence. But what we must not ignore is the need for cleansing, detoxification and protection against radiation, the actual issue here.

Fortunately all of this can be achieved with naturo medicines; specifically herbal formulas. 

Herbal medicines are potent and they require a Naturo Pro – qualified medical herbalist or a naturopath – to administer and correctly prepare herbal tinctures and fluid extracts.

Much is taken into account when prescribing a herbal formula. Here is the Naturo Assessment:

  1. Individual’s constitution (are they hot, cold, old, vital, weak)
  2. Genetic predispositions (what is the family medical history)
  3. Familial predispositions (what toxic load have they taken on from their family. This includes emotional baggage)
  4. Epigenetics (an environmental assessment of their current diet, lifestyle, social support)
  5. Toxic exposure (what toxic load is on the liver and the GI tract)

Practitioner-only preventative health formulas can be found on the forum. If you are a practitioner please upload credentials and log in to the forum for RN Clinical Pro information.

3 is the magic number

The Naturo method includes a three prong approach.  Naturomedicine such as herbal formulas and nutritional medicine. Along with Naturo therapy and presence practices

Naturo therapy is conducted by psychotherapists and includes somatic psychotherapy and breath work. Presence practices include Qigong and Yoga.  

Naturo-medicine (herbal formulas and nutritional supplements) are just one part of the whole. Disease states are simple and logical when we apply the 5 Naturo Assessments. The collective fear-based grid and the human mind complicates and confuses situations. Keep it simple, keep it real. Practice presence and remove all distractions. Be well.

The forum is becoming the biggest resource of accurate health information by the experts in health; naturopaths, nutritionists and holistic practitioners.

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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