Vitamin Protocol:

  • Zinc picolinate 20mg twice a day for 3 weeks
  • Ascorbic acid 3g every 3 hours for first 24 hours
  • Selenium 200mcg a day for 3 weeks

I have treated many patients with coronavirus since February 2020. They all had varying symptoms. Most were at stage 1 or 2. Same number of adults as children. I treat families. Where possible I would individualise the convalescent formula, this would be 200ml  (21 days worth after infection control formula) often it would be treating underlying pathogens that have been fired up or specifically supporting the constitution of the person. All disease is an opportunity for growth, the fear of death with this one has woken up many people. As far as I am aware all have fully recovered, some who had underlying chronic fatigue, EBV, HPV and Herpes zoster believe that the below treatment has eradicated these viruses too. Too soon to say.

Before the herbs arrive I ask them to:

  • Turn wifi off
  • to alternate hot and cold shower to stimulate the immune system. 
  • STOP eating, warm ginger,  lemon and cayenne juice only 
  • Listen to my yoga nidra once a day, make resolve to become more of oneself
  • Face steam with turpentine or vics rub if they don’t have any pine essential oil or turpentine.
  • Skin brush to improve lymphatic flow
  • Enema if they are at stage 1, if progressed further enemas are too cooling and E need to be reserved 

Once herbs arrive I ask them to take herbs along with

  •   Take zinc picolinate 40mg a day (split dose as this amount without food can cause nausea) )or anosmia and immune strength
  • If hx of UTRI then apply castor oil pack on front and back of lungs to break up mucous. Do daily tapping to move and expel.

If you have an underlying medical condition then please call to make an appointment with one of our naturopaths today before you order ‘Infection Control herbal formula’, 01223 911773.

If you have shortness of breath and are struggling to breathe call emergency services on 999. Naturo-medicine is not a replacement for seeing your GP or regular healthcare professional. For coronavirus symptoms you must do both.

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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