Healthy emotional intelligence is an ability to express (process and dissolve) emotions as they arise. Unmet or unfelt, suppressed emotions have two paths they can take: they can either build up and fester OR blow out! The middle way is the graceful way. 

Bottled up anger and bitterness results in:

  1. Tearing shit up. Uncontrolled over expression. Game of Thrones ending anyone? Khaleesi’s setting fire to thousands of people from her unprocessed pain and anger.

  2. Suppression and manifestation into a dis-ease state.

Gabor Mate explains further:

Women’s emotions fluctuate daily. Some women may even wake up angelic and be a hellfire by breakfast time. In an emotionally deprived and spiritually constipated world there’s no surprise that women don’t know how to embrace their true femininity (archetypes) and own their inner masculine in a healthy way. Woman is complex and due to hormonal flow is in a constant state of flux.

The key to hormonal happiness is understanding this ebb and flow and not getting carried away with it. Instead learning to observe emotions and serve yourself. This is developed through sensitivity. The main aim of the upcoming SASSI HEALTH online series.

Dependant on the day of her cycle a woman may express different parts of herself. For ease of explanation lets define women into Jungian archetypes. The lover the maiden, the mother, the queen, the huntress, the sage and the mystic.

Archetypes form the basis of all unlearned instinctual patterns of behaviour. These powerful universal symbols exist in what pioneering psychologist Carl Jung referred to as the “collective unconscious’. The shadow part of the psyche that quietly influences actions and reactions. Only when women see’s her archetypes in which ever form they take, and how they play out her life, can she own them and become empowered.

An empowered women can assert kindness in a man. Enabling strong, present logical men who are also compassionate. Add to this that women are biologically the nurturers and caregivers in society we can conclude that the sustainability of the planet needs women to begin nurturing herself in a more kind chaos. Each archetype in women needs a voice. The best way to do this is through creative expression.

Here are some examples of archetypal expressions

Kali archetype: Raging, screaming

  • Healthy- Completely appropriate release of emotion on receiving news that someone you love passed away.
  • Not such a healthy response to your partner walking dirty shoes though the house.  This could be a sign of unexpressed anger reaching its boiling point.

Slut archetype: sexual openness 

  • Healthy- Honest communication and understanding of boundaries and expectations with yourself and the people you engage in sexual encounters with, no matter how many there may be.
  • Not so healthy if you are engaging in mindless sex with random partners after an argument with a friend. This could be a consequence of addiction, commitment phobia, feeling of unworthiness, self destructive cycles, numbness.

The priestess archetype: soft, loving and kind

  • Healthy- She’s all knowing, kind, compassionate and wise.
  • An unhealthy priestess is escapism into a mode of ‘everything is fine’.
    This is the opposite of Kali archetype. The unhealthy priestess is suppression of emotions. In the newage world this can be seen as spiritual bypassing. 


Disease from suppression of emotion, observed in clinical practice:

More often than not my patients with cervical cancer, endometriosis, PCOS and period pain show an unbalanced expression or suppress emotions. There are always exceptions of course. The womb is the creative centre. Our centre of reproduction so it makes sense that when creativity and self love is not allowed -stagnation occurs. Your womb is screaming at you for attention with build of matter such as cysts and fibroids. A simple vajay-yay practice has been my tools for women alongside herbal medicine to regulate hormones. The vagina holds thousands of nerve endings which are linked to meridians (energy lines throughout the body) and organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ represents a different emotion. E-motion = energy in motion. When the energy stops moving, as in the case of an unexpressed anger, grief or resentment. Energy literally gets stuck in that organ. Vajay-yay practices help to release emotion, simply and blissfully. Ah the power of the pussy! Scientist have proven the resonance of each organ and therefore we can test the work of Vajay-yay with bio-resonance machines before and after sessions. 

We have lived in a patriarchal society, lacking nurturing and self care for so many years, governed by sorrow and war. Women in many countries have become numb to their bodies and subdued in their stuckness.

Years of a dark history has bred women that are hard and neglect their essence. A survival behaviour that denies the self due to hardship.

“We are as emotionally mature as our inner child is nurtured”. This means that when or if we stop feeling our true emotions, we stop growing and we stop thriving. There are systems of distraction in place everywhere we look to support this gross growth stunt. Food, drugs, alcohol, the equality myth, oral contraceptive pill, stories to get caught up in thoughtlessness..


Here are some solutions to embody the true feminine and develop emotional maturity:

  1. Get in tune with your body by journalling your feelings and mood throughout the month, begin to notice patterns. Note your cycle.  
  2. Around your moon time book time out to get creative; cook, paint, dance, sing, photograph, go to nature. 
  3. Spend time with other women go to a conscious women group at least once a month. When women come together to share authentically magic happens!
  4. Get to know your body more intimately by using a yoni wand or a yoni  stone (vajay-yay egg), with our Vajay-yay sequence. Getting into healthy practice of yoni steaming too is a great way to develop the yoni-heart connection. RN-Woman ‘Sassi health‘ covers all of these practices.   
  5. Do the work. Facilitation is available online with Naturo- therapy. This is an embodiment therapy that uses the breath to delve into all unconscious parts of self and release what no longer serves you for more wholesome living.

We are leaving a patriarchy and entering into a time of feminine embodiment. Guys are as much a part of this as women are. A guy that is able to mother himself and has developed his inner feminine is the most capable and attractive man in the room. What’s really cool is that a women in her power, empowers a man to be more in his!! The teachings of David Deida articulate this beautifully.

So it’s final, empowered pussy’s are going to change the world. If you are ready to be that change jump on board and attend a Sassihealth program to find out how you can love more life and make a impact.

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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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