In order to change the world we need to be able to sensibly function in the world. Especially if like me, you are choosing to build new, healthy and functional systems.  We need to value our time and energy with currency exchange, whilst it still exists.  As values and needs evolve there may be no need for these transactions but for now, alongside establishing real values, respect your time and energy with monetary exchanges and sensibly evaluate where to put it.

Cryptocurrencies are predominantly used by the very wealthy, tech heads and criminals. This is solely because they are the ones who need to understand how to use them. Lets shake thing up a bit with a clear step by step guide of how to stop being a slave to the dollar. My friend Mark Bolzern is here to tell you how.

This informative article will help you to understand and may help you set up a cryptocurrency fund that will pay you for the rest of your life. Check out the full article here or continue to read some of Marks work below.

“You’ve probably heard about people thinking there is a need for a basic human income, just for being alive. Especially with how technology is replacing the need for human workers. Well, maybe so, but let’s not wait for someone else to be our nanny as technology takes our jobs away. We can have that easy life without worry about depreciating dollars or other fiat currency that our governments print for themselves. Their printing is actually FORGERY, because it reduces the value of the money in our pockets, banking and retirement accounts. I think that everyone should live by the same set of rules. No “special privileged exceptions”. That is why I’m publishing this document.

“Bail In” is probably about to happen, banks taking YOUR money even before it gets to you, and also from your retirement funds, the ones that aren’t already failing.


I discovered Bitcoin in 2011, and figured it was a scam, or had too many issues to be real, or etc, any doubting thoughts you may be having about CryptoCurrencies even now. I had those thoughts over a period of a several years. Finally I bought some BitCoin, boy I’m glad I did. Then I educated myself more, it became a self fulfilling cycle, and now I am very educated in the CryptoCurrency and BlockChain space. I have also benefited nicely from increased value of what I previously bought and then held. Don’t you wish that was true of you? Or Maybe it is, and now you want to learn to earn more with what you already have? Nearly everyone that is involved has gone through this doubt it, try it, love it cycle. Isn’t it time you got rolling on yours? The growth in this space is only just getting started!”

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Local Support Groups:

I’ve created Alaska BlockChain Collaboration (ABC) as a Meetup Group and also the Facebook Page with related Facebook Group by the same names. Joining and participating in these can be helpful if you are local to Anchorage–or you feel free to participate in online/virtually if you live elsewhere. We hope to start a YouTube channel shortly, and already have representatives interested in following our example with the physical meetings, etc in a number of other states & countries.”


Check out the full article here : Creating your own personal fund with bitcoin


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