Rituals and routine “R&R’s”: most successful projects have a routine that include rituals.

A routine gives boundaries. Without boundaries we have no freedom.

A ritual makes something important and gives attention to it’s consciousness. Routine is something I create when working on tour with rock bands. As well as their massage therapist I was a muse that helped them prevent burnout. Many of these famous musicians had weird routines and obsessions that they would do everyday. When on tour, out of their normal sync they would forget about their R&R’s and feel out of sorts. I would reinstate them on tour and find that their natural energy and flow me back. For everyone else there was cocaine until they burnt out –> rehab –> and back to basic R&R with diet and lifestyle.


Intentions: set your intention with a schematic on a perspective board/vision board before you start. This is something that you will look at each day and it will keep you motivated and on track. Prepare yourself with a breathing exercise or meditation to help you be completely present to your higher purpose and write in the present tense. E.g.“ My mood is balanced” instead of “My mood will be balanced”. Write why, for example “My mood is balanced because I am in check with my emotions, I do thing that are good to myself, this means I am more fun when with friends.”


Presence: put aside time to simply be. You cannot reap the rewards of cleansing if you’re not setting aside time to rejuvenate physically and emotionally. This requires presence and undivided attention for self. It also requires courage. Presence allows you to feel what you need. There is a process of whole body healing whereby ‘we must feel, to heal’. I discuss the biochemistry of this and will try to explain the quantum field of healing in many videos. You also need time to physically cleanse; to bathe, skin scrub with a body brush, neti-pot the sinuses, perform enemas for the colon. I recommend at least 1 hour a day EVERYDAY for physical cleansing and massages.


Senses: senses are numbed through electromagnetic radiation, non-conscious eating and drinking, excess talking and mind chatter. Conscious awakening and presence practices videos will show you how to enliven your senses. How to taste, smell, and feel the juice on a physical and quantum or vibrational level. We are what we choose to think (believe), feel and do. By going into the energetic body rather than the mental body, we will add a whole new dimension to the senses. This is where the term vibrantly alive will start to make sense and become your reality.


Support: nobody ever reached the top alone “man is not an island”. It’s true.  We are inter-dependent spiritual beings, having a human experience. The more spiritual development we do when cleansing the deeper the emotions we are able to release. The digestive tract is directly linked to brain chemistry via the enteric nervous system. Fasting is the quickest way to reprogram the mind. Any therapy that supports the process of allowing you to go deep will assist you to let go of deeply conditioned beliefs that prevent you from being free. Free from disease, free from childhood programming that no longer serves you, free from being the most emotionally intelligent and free thinking version of yourself.


by Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc Naturopath. Yoga therapist.

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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