Say what! A Naturopath advocating pharmaceuticals? Yes absolutely benzodiazepenes such as valium are brilliant at:

  • Preventing suicide
  • Stopping self-harm
  • Relieving a panic attack

For everything else anxiety related there is kava-kava, passiflora and valerian (where valium biochemically originates from) Check out my article on herbal anxiolytics. Magnesium is pretty good too, when in the correct dose and form. Nice calming forms are magnesium taurate and magnesium glycerate. L-theanine is another calming nutrient. it is present in tea, maybe why us uptight English love our cuppas.

In a perfect reality, where we have re-conditioned the fear-based behaviour and we are living our truest selves, non of these would be needed. But until we are there and whilst doing the work. I believe that all of the above are very necessary.

I had a shitty time recently. I ate for the first time in months after predominantly juicing and I drank too much booze which caused me to become anxious. This came after a fight with a highly unstable person and a holotropic breath regression that revealed something shit scary. The combination sent me into an out of control spiral of anxiety. My man “rock” who I possibly co-depended on instead of a healthy interdependence, was unsupportive at this time and I was alone. Seriously scared, overwhelmed and not coping with all that I had to process. In fact I felt fragmented which forced me to question my whole sense of self, again, my story, my authenticity and re-analyse my values entirely.

Fortunately I have surrounded myself with other mental people who were able to justify my reality. HA!. The community I live amongst are authentic conscious INCREDIBLE powerhouses. Invested in doing “the work” too. They are everything to me, my family, my comrades. Just a few moments of them being completely present, helped in my remembering of all that I am and all that I am not, and to see all the bullshit in between. It dissolved the story and helped peace to return with a shed load of tears and laughter.

This is why conscious community is so important. We need to find our own supportive tribe and mentors in order to parent ourselves entirely.

I’ve been doing this work for the last 15 years, it doesn’t get any easier but it becomes a part of life.  The deeper you go the more joy is freely available to you.


If  however I didn’t have this structure (community) I’d be as lost as I was when I embarked on this journey some 15 years ago.

If you are experiencing turmoil, considering suicide or self harm and you haven’t yet developed a community of conscious warriors to help you to check yourself. Get help from a health professional now.

Some Naturopaths can prescribe benzodiazepenes (like valium), most places in the world people can access them through the GP.   This is solely, to provide you with a crutch UNTIL you are equipt with the tools to process and dissolve pain without being a risk to yourselves. Valium is highly addictive and harder to get off than crack cocaine. I have seen people suffer immeasurably withdrawing from benzo’s. It’s not sexy and it’s not cool. But one off use can save your life and help you check back into reality to begin doing the necessary work.


Like physical health everyone has mental health. Most people are in denial that it needs addressing and so they go through life half asleep. Others get lost in their drama, living on repeat. Choice is yours.

It is always easier to own your shit than live in fear of truly knowing what it is.



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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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