Are you living according to your true self? Or are you listening to your conditioned not self?

by Billy White – Human Design Analyst

Life is all about making decisions.  We make dozens, perhaps hundreds of them every day of our lives.  If you are like me, you were probably conditioned to make your decisions with your mind.  Well meaning parents, teachers, siblings, friends, and society in general, have taught us to use our minds to decide things.  However, there is a better way to make decisions:  from the response in our bodies, not the thoughts in our minds.

Most of us have been taught a strategy in life:  to take action without waiting for anything, just think up something and go do it!  What if you were told that:  ‘wait to respond’  before taking your actions, is the best strategy for you.  Well it is for almost 70% of humanity!

Strategy and decision making.  These are the core elements of Human Design, a system of understanding oneself and others.

Human Design is a modern synthesis of four ancient systems:

  1. Astrology,
  2. The Chakra system,
  3. The I-Ching
  4. The Kabbalah.

From a person’s time, place and date of birth, a ‘body graph’ is generated.  This graph, or ‘chart’, provides a unique blueprint of one’s life.  A reading of the blueprint gives keys on living one’s ‘true self’, how one best relates with others, and how to avoid the pitfalls of our conditioned ‘not self’.  It is a terrifically accurate system, that is very easy to assimilate with a reading of your body graph from a Human Design Analyst.  You will understand who you are, who you are not, and how you are designed to best relate with others!

When I received my first Human Design (HD) reading 10 years ago in Hawaii, it was like a revelation and a confirmation of how I operate in life.  Most people had seen me as a ‘Type A’ personality.  A mover and shaker who initiated in life and made things happen.  Maybe this was how I appeared to others, but to myself, this was not me at all.  The HD analyst in Hawaii told me that I was a Generator (almost 70% of humanity and one of the four types in the HD system), and that my strategy was not to go out and initiate or chase after things, but to wait for people, situations, and life itself to come to me and then respond to what comes.  This felt correct in my body.  I got chills all over and for the first time, I felt seen at my core.

He further told me that the way I am designed to make decisions in life is simply to pay attention to my ‘gut response’, my yes or no in the pit of my stomach, and that my first, instantaneous response, this gut yes or no, is my correct decision; my truth, all of the time! This type of decision making is called Sacral, or gut response in the now, and this is one of 7 ways we are all designed to make our decisions.  Sacral response represents the decision making authority for about 35% of the population.

By the way, in this human design system, no one is designed to make decisions with the mind.  All correct decision making comes from a response or feeling or intuition in the body.

The other main thing I learned in this first HD reading was that not everyone is designed to make decisions like I do.  My then wife was with me and we learned that her decision making authority is Emotional.  She is designed to wait over time in order to be clear in her emotional body before making decisions and taking action in life.  She is not designed to make spontaneous decisions.  Emotional decision making represents about 50% of the population.  During that reading, after 14 years of being together, I finally understood why she was unable to make quick decisions.  Her design is very different from mine.  I had been ‘projecting’ the way I make decisions onto her, and I had felt frustrated and made her wrong for all those years, when in fact, she was living the way she is designed to live.

At the end of that session, with tears in my eyes, I apologized to her for treating her like me, and not for who she is.

HD has been a passion of mine these past 10 years.  I really enjoy assisting people in learning their design and how to truly love themselves!

Billy White – H
uman Design Analyst
Billy White has a life filled with varied experiences.  From a physics degree, to decades long practices of meditation and yoga, to a former successful career as a sales director in the technology industry, to being a father to two grown boys, Billy has assimilated his understanding of life, and now enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, in a deep, intimate way.  He moved to Ibiza, Spain several years ago from San Francisco, California.

Billy is a certified Human Design Analyst.  He’s done hundreds of readings for individuals, couples, parents, children, as well as business relationship consultation.  Billy is available for in person sessions in Ibiza, or is equally effective over Skype.  He is best reached by email or WhatsApp.

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