What is a juice cleanse?

It is a holiday for the digestive system. A period of time when you consume only juices and broths. Often alongside herbal medicine and enemas, such as in the Real Naturo Juice Cleanse.


Why do we need to cleanse regularly?

The human body is an incredible machine that has the ability to heal itself. But with current lifestyle choices and the increasingly toxic world we live in with; pollutants from cars and industry; chemicals in food/beauty products; and plastics in packaging, the demands on the body have increased. As a result inflammatory diseases are epidemically high.

Naturopaths have been advocating cleansing for years because we recognise the power of the body to heal itself through autophagy, when the digestive system rests. The energy that it normally takes for food to be churned up, broken down and absorbed can be directed to the immune system, for peak health. Metabolic energy is redirected for the elimination of toxins by the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs, otherwise called detoxification.

Juicing flushes the digestive tract with nutrients that easily penetrate through the lining.  It’s important to follow a professional cleanse that has the correct balance of nutrients from different plants for optimum energy and metabolic actions.




Why do we need to rest our digestive system?

It is functioning 365 days of the year! We are in a constant state of digestion. Since the industrial revolution our eating patterns changed entirely due to the consumerist industry and flawed scientific evidence.  We actually don’t need the enormity of food that we consume today.

Throughout history the ancients fasted at least once a year, most fasted one day a week. In fact every religion has fast days. By juice cleansing or fasting we are allowing enzymes that break down food to multiply, flush out toxins and rebuild for optimum functioning.

The digestive system holds 70% of our immune system and 90% of serotonin production, which is why Naturopaths address the gut first to heal any disease states.  

For many, cleansing acts like an M.O.T for your body. It allows you to check in, fix what needs to be fixed in the shortest time possible. For others with chronic illness such as arthritis or diabetes a fast may be the beginning of the healing journey to optimum health.

Other benefits of a cleanse

  • Loose weight – through entering a short term state of ketosis. The body breaks down fat.
  • Begin the process of detoxification – liver enzymes repair and multiply.
  • Happiness – support neurotransmitter production and metabolism; we are rhythmic beings that require routine in order for our hormones and metabolism to run smoothy. A cleanse can kick start the correct function of these bio-circadian rhythms.  Especially helpful for those that have unmanaged stress, those that can not gain or lose weight, those experiencing insomnia or depression.


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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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