The developed world has been spiritually numbed. The influence of drugs, junk food and genetic engineering has resulted in a nation of people who cannot think for themselves. The foundations of healthy living education do not exist. As doctors guess their way through nutrition and lifestyle advice. There is currently no expert “go to” resource for diet and lifestyle and natural medicine that works. Yet there are thousands of Naturopaths across the world working individually.

Naturopathic knowledge is not a mystery, our profession need not be a secret.

It’s 2017 and Real Nautro is here to place naturopathy on the map to help people reclaim their power. Reclaim their consciousness and their humanity.

Lets not lie to ourselves anymore. We need the hard evidence and that comes in the form of mass pooling of clinical evidence. I invite you to use Real Naturo Pro as your platform:

  • to pool and share your resources online
  • join regular professional meet up groups
  • feel supported by like minded holistic colleagues.

Check out what’s in it for you here on the Naturo Pro page OR find out more in person at my workshops and webinars later in the year see below.


Workshop webinar and Training Schedule for 2017 /2018:


November 2017, LONDON, UK Associate training

December 2017, LONDON, UK Refugee and aid work resilience training FREE

February 2018, CALIFORNIA, USA Associate training

April 2018, IBIZA, SPAIN Retreat trainings: Ibiza, Spain

August 2018, MELBOURNE,  AUSTRALIA Real pro and Naturo Rep community training FREE

August 2018, MELBOURNE,  AUSTRALIA  Associate training

September 2018, Congress and Celebrations, Ibiza, Spain. We will be meeting in Ibiza for Real Naturo retreat training and to celebrate life the real naturo way.


To find out more information please just ask.  I am 100% at YOUR service. Email me personally [email protected].

GAME ON Naturopaths!


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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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