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As a Naturopath, I observe a correlation between disease states and sleeping in rooms with wifi routers, living near electrical power stations and smart meters installation.  My clinical findings suggest a direct correlation between exposure to the above and headaches, migraines, hormone related illnesses, certain cancers and tumours.  In my search for answers (see bottom of article for solutions), I measure how often my patients use their wireless devices, their proximity to certain EMR technologies – and the environments in which they live.

A number of studies have pointed out that lower electromagnetic energy in the 900 MHz region may be more harmful because of its greater penetrating capability compared to 2450 MHz; therefore, more energy in the 900 MHz frequency range is deposited deeply within the biological tissue.

Why are we not aware of this?

Political industry powers and all studies to date neglect the fact that most biological damage is non thermal.

The inappropriate use of Wi-Fi technology to affirm that “since there is no heating of brain by RF EMF, there is no hazard for the human brain”, completely neglects the fact that most of the biological effects are non-thermal. The safety standards would need to be restated in terms of internal energy absorption.

Just to show how much of an effect wifi has on the biology, here is an interesting study. The Department of Radiation Protection Research Centre has released evidence that Wi-Fi and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)  can significantly alter the growth rate for L monocytogenes and E coli. These findings have implications for the management of serious infectious diseases. They do so via reducing the resilience of antibiotics. The pure cultures of Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coliwere were exposed to radiation generated either by a GSM 900 MHz mobile phone simulator and a common 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router. Results showed that even a small amount of exposure made microorganisms resistant to antibiotics.

So if  having a mobile phone in your pocket can reduce the effect of hardy drugs like antibiotics. What is it doing to your brain when you put a mobile phone to your ear?

There are 8 billion wireless devices in the world today. The manufacturers are well informed of their negative effects.  Read any phone manufacturers  instructors and you will read a warning to “ALWAYS USE HEADPHONES” and “never keep a mobile telephone in your pocket, even when it is switched on or off”.

Children are at highest risk as their younger brain tissue is more vulnerable to Wifi’s invasive effects. Convenience and instant gratification has over taken sense as we observe parents settling children by sticking an iPad a few inches from their face. It’s interesting to note that Wifi is banned in many French nurseries and schools.



Providing protection from electromagnetic radiation is not a new search. Scientists have been looking for a botanical answer to radioprotection since as long ago as 1949.



Herbal medicine Centella asiatica was found to reduce the adverse effect of low dose irradiation in rats. Centella asiatica to rats before or after irradiation increased their life spans.

Rosemary: strong anti-mutgenic properties.

Jamun also called the java plum (family Myrtaceae), has been reported to possess several medicinal properties. The micronucleus study of radioprotective effect of dichloromethane and methanol (1:1) extract of jamun (SCE) in human peripheral blood lymphocytes (HPBLs) ascertained its radioprotective potential.

Likewise,  Mint (Mentha arvensis), showed its potential to protect mice against radiation-induced sickness, gastrointestinal and bone marrow deaths.

In clinical practice I use a combination of:

  • Herbal extracts Ginkgo biloba, Rosmarinus officinalis  Curcuma longum, Hypericum perforatum for their anti oxidant and micro circulation properties.  In drop doses daily with flower essences: walnut, pine and fringe violet.
  • Diet: no sugar, no GMO grain, lots of home grown fruit and vegetables. Preferably a juice cleanse with organic ingredients and a Naturo herbal formula.
  • Copper protection in hats and underwear or jewelerry
  • Homeopathics- cae dependant
  • Crystals: tourmaline, organite, amethyst, obsidian.
  • Magnet bed mat
  • Earthing meditation and time in nature
  • Presence practices – specifically qigong/naturo-yoga
  • Any practice or activity that increase the magnetic bio-resonance of the heart

Presence practices such as kundalini breath of fire and qigong are by far the best resolution for electro magnetic radiation. They over ride all herbals, diet and lifestyle techniques as they work directly on the bodies 7 energy systems. And directly increase the magnetic bioresonance of the heart.




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