Protocol for oestrogen clearance in women:

Indications: fibroids, PCOS, swollen breast, PMS, endometriosis, IBS.



  • Gratitude: thank yourself for being sensitive enough to hear your body, such a fine tuned machine that has let you know a recalibration is needed.
  • Cleanse; the quickest way to balance hormones is with a cleanse. This is because cleansing addresses many of the contributing factors of oestrogen dominance such as dietary endocrine disruptors, inflammatory foods, unmanaged stress causing inflammatory cascades. During the RN Cleanse we become acutely aware of all that we consume energetically and physically. Then we provide the necessary environment for the repair work. RN Cleanse is a guide with forum support. It involves 3 days of raw food, 5 days of juicing and 2 days of prebiotic work. With skin brushing, daily enemas, clay shakes and over 4 litres of liquid a day. Cleansing allows your digestive system to rest. The energy that it normally takes for digestion to breakdown assimilate and eliminate food, goes to your immune system. When cleansing you must create a WIFI free zone, away from electronic radiation. This allows your nervous system to relax as well as the practices you are given like yoga Nidra to increase theta brainwave activity. This creates the correct environment for the immune system to regenerate and repair. The body has an innate ability to heal itself when the environment is correct to regain homeostasis.
  • Yoni Steaming yoni steam for the 5 days of the juicing days instead of/ or after the morning enema.  Use fresh herbal sage, rosemary, asparagus, yarrow. Or search our directory for your local herbalist for a herbal yoni steam pack.
  • Yoni egg practice. Check out sassihealth  for an erotic dance practice using a yoni egg. To help you get embodied and aligned with your femininity. Owning all of you. By exploring your ugly and dark side as well as expressing your beautiful and sensual side you can naturally balance hormones. Sassi health routine does this through movement and sound.
  • Myoinositol 2g twice a day 
  • Zinc picollinate 40mg a day, with food or after food
  • Magnesium citrate 350mg a day after food.
  • Naturo Herbal Formula – Women’s tonic containing Asparagus rasemosa (shatvari), Achillea millefollium (yarrow), Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), Peonia lactiflora (peony), Cimifuga racemosa (black cohosh). Plus flower essences
  • Grieve– we all hold onto grief, women especially in the womb.
    Either passed down through generations or own, the more work you do the less you have, here is a Healthy Grieving protocol.
  • Naturo therapy.  If you have a health condition relating to the womb, it is imperative that you find and address the main emotional component and then work with this. Addressing the emotional body can override all other systems (physical, mental and psychic). Naturo therapies we provide online such as Somatic Experiencing psychotherapy and Human Givens method can assist with this.

Post cleanse:

  • Avoid all GMO foods. These are endocrine disruptors, a huge culprit for interfering with oestrogen metabolism.
  • MOVE – Exercise daily to sweatsuit toxins, kick the liver into shape and assist the process that rids the body of excess oestrogen. HIIT workouts are best for metabolic function. Try the 7minute workout.
  • Stay regular. If you are not going to the toilet regularly, the RnCleanse can correct this. Make sure that you are passing as many bowel movements as you are meals. For example 3 bowel movements a day if you are eating 3 meals a day. Transit time is everything. An ideal transit time is 4-8 hour. This ensures that food is in the digestive system long enough for nutrients to be assimilated. Short enough to not have reabsorption of toxins through the colon.
  • Limit alcohol to once a week. Alcohol slows down oestrogen metabolism.
  • Remove all plastics xenoestrogens products, drink from glass bottles only.
  • Eat a Naturopathic anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Sprout your legumes. If you eat legumes soak them well or ideally only eat sprouted.
  • Avoid Soy and grains entirely, all genetically modified crops cause inflammation.
  • Beware of progesterone cream, ideally you want to create the environment for your body to produce progesterone in the correct amounts. Instead of add something which in time signals to the body to stop producing it endogenously. Use a herbal formula such as the Women tonic to balance healthy levels. Vitex agnus cactus tablets are also an option but always consult a Naturopath or herbalist when using Vitex angus cactus –chaste tree.