We get real!!!! Get energised by Naturo-medicines Focus through RN cleanse. Boost creativity with presence practices to stay resilient within 5G integration.

WARNING… Raw juice blog can be opinionated, explicit & raw. “The universities do not teach all things, so a doctor must seek out old wives, gypsies, sorcerers, wandering tribes, old robbers, and such outlaws and take lessons from them. A doctor must be a traveler… Knowledge is experience.” Paracelsus


1. Educate and develop awareness with our RN-cleanse guide and support. See here.

2. Purify your system physically, chemically and energetically. During RN-Cleanse we will show you:

  • breath-work techniques to increase your electro magnetic field.
  • how to ground yourself and your home with copper wire
  • how to dose rosemary, cilantro and other herbs that reduce the effect of radiation
  • the best form and dose of zeolite clay and melatonin to take as nutritional supplement weekly to reduce toxins
  • introduce water cleansing and ormus

3. Protect and sustain yourself long-term and build up a resilience to 5G with presence practices, to live harmoniously alongside 5G. Get supported and guided through a 10 day cleanse for just £39 here.

Electro magnetic radiation causes neurotransmitter disruption

We are controlled by our environment. Bruce Lipton coined this epigenetics some 45 year ago during his studies on a remote island. Unfortunately his work was disabled from reaching the public, for years he was ostracised by close minded scientists, medical professionals and professors in America. Those same professors are now only just beginning to grasp his work in the book “The Biology of Belief” 40 years later. Bruce underlines belief as our greatest tool for shaping our lives.

But what shapes our beliefs? Thought forms? How do they become conscious? Are they affected by eating junk food, unconscious patterns of behaviour, media and being consumed with drama/netflix bingeing, more time at a desk instead of in nature? Do these choices shape our internal environment? Of course they do. This is why it is so important to mindfully cleanse from food, tech and a negative (old school) people a few times a year.

Most of us are fortunate to be able to choose our environment to an extent i.e choose to go to nature on the weekends, choose healthy meal options. But what we can not choose is the amount electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to.

Why is this scary? Not only does our environment effect our choices and our thoughts BUT electromagnetic radiation effects certain glandular functions of the endocrine system are disrupted. Ensuring that what we eat, think, feel (or not feel) and do, interrupts our hormonal system!

Any other practitioners noticed the non-binary, bisexual, confused kids crisis?! Biological crisis anyone?! It ‘aint pretty and it ‘aint evolution it’s biological man made environmental chemicals and radiation induced infertility. Along with strategic shutting down of free speech in the name of social justice. But that’s another article…

Our bodies glands and hormonal system functions via electrical signalling. Add an enormous increase in electromagnetic frequency to a circuitry that functions via electrical signalling and we are in a HEALTH CRISIS. 5G isn’t just a little step up from 4G it’s much higher radio frequencies 28 ghz compared to 700 mhz – 2500 mhz for 4G.

4G can support about 4,000 devices per square kilometre, whereas 5G will support around one million

WiFI and EMF disrupts the bodies electrical signalling (specifically the heart). Simply put this means 5G will incur a greater divide between the heart and the head. Without awareness and connection to feel into the hearts magnetic brilliance, COMPASSION will diminish. Furthermore WiFi creates a divide between the left and right brain hemispheres. The logical brain and intuitive creative sensing. Go to our RealTalk App or our youtube channel for a free video series on how to increase the communication between left and right brain.

What does this mean?

Those too much in logical mind; risk living a life entirely unaware. Those too much in intuitive feeling body-mind risk living a life floating without making any impact. Extremes of both side have positives and negatives. A healthy balance is integration of the two.

Integration of the head and heart is how we will evolve. Nothing is outside of you and nothing needs to be done per se, only for you to wake yourself up. The best way of doing this is through knowing oneself, finding your limitless creativity through cleansing and being of service to others.


It is proven by the Environmental Health Agency that he effects of WIFI dramatically influence mental health. I predict that we will see a surge in mental health decline. But do not fear, this all part of the awakening. Choose to take your power back, starting with your mind. Get cleansed, get free. Get hearty.

RN Cleanse


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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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