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The bulk of this article is extrapolated from the mitochondrial- blue light educator Jack Kruse 

“Mitochondrial density is greatest in the brain, heart, and immune system. This is where the largest electric and magnetic fields in humans are generated. The human heart has been shown to generate a magnetic field effect 22 feet from our chest when you use a magnetic cardiogram. A magnetic cardiogram device senses this field. You can’t observe this field, but your mitochondria senses it in you and in other people. It should be no surprise to anyone from here on out, that these are the complex tissues systems in humans that tend to use the most electrons and infrared light. This is why we are seeing the diseases in these systems today.

Electrons build complexity anywhere they are found because they are the building blocks of magnetic abilities in mitochondria. This is how we ‘mind our mitochondria” using nature’s fundamental recipe, not our current beliefs.

REALITY CHECK: Manufactured stability leads to natural magnetic instability in our mitochondria.

This is the first thing a clinician should expect in someone who is afflicted with an local environment filled with excessive non native EMF. This is why all clinicians who measure adrenal stress indicies are finding the epidemic of adrenal fatigue. The other effect is low Vitamin D levels and destroyed DHEA level. These are proxies for the underlying loss of electric and magnetic field power to control the flow of light from a mitochondria. When you lose your magnetic sense here, in the PVN, health goes south rapidly because you lose autonomic control of your parasympathetic nervous system. Your vagus nerve connects your gut to your brain in the area postrema. Leaky gut is not a food disease either………it is tied to a loss of DHA in your PVN which allows the brain and gut to communicate well environmental signals. 

The more you allow abnormal electromagnetic waves in your personal space the more it affects your mitochondria. They lose their magnetic powers and you slowly lose DHA everywhere and you can’t replace it regardless of what you eat.

You also become slowly hypoxic at a tissue level. This causes you to rely on carbohydrate metabolism and not beta oxidation. This is a Warburg effect. The next step is cancer. This is why cancer is a 20th century disease. We began introducing abnormal fields to our ionosphere in the last 150 years.

Technology allows us to constantly sample the path of least resistance in life, while nature’s recipes, require that we use the path of persistence of delivering DHA and oxygen to tissues to maintain light within our mitochondria. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us literally and figuratively. What matters is the part we choose to act upon. That determines who we really become.

You might be asking yourself, how does one measures a loss of magnetic effect in mitochondria?

I measure those effects with NADPH levels, pulse oximeters, EEG’s, EMG’s, MEG data from my heart, muscles, and brain to prove that cold thermogenesis is not a hormetic effect, but a magnetic one. That is another falsehood that I targeted.  CT is the result of the quantum effect of DHA and oxygen acting within our mitochondria. MRI’s, EEG’s, and MEG data all measure these effects in tissues that are jam packed with mitochondria. I go this idea from Willie Sutton’s insight. Why did he rob banks? Because that is where the money was!

Why did I decided to use an ancestral diet for this bio-hack?  Because ancestral health community believes that health is tied 100% to food quality.  All my hacks have taught me that is fundamentally not true. I know they don’t buy it, and this is why they shun my advice. They would be wise now to pay attention to my warnings. I now know what happens when you step back in time for your diet when you live your life in a modern microwave oven. It is not a pretty result.  Food electrons are controlled by circadian signals, not by macronutrients.

When people are made chronically hypoxic by any means, they are slowly losing their magnetic sense in mitochondria. This effect allows them to release improper amounts of energy from our mitochondria in the infra red frequency range. We lose excess light in the form of heat. This directly alters the hydrogen bonding network in water surrounding mitochondria within the cell.

Normally this IR heat is captured by water around the mitochondria. When your magnetic field is lowered the water around your mitochondria cannot carry this energy, so that we lose it back to the environment.  My initial biohack ten years ago you taught me, that we get fat when we lose more energy to the environment for any reason. Obesity is not about calories. People who believe that have a myopic view of science because they do not see the quantum scale of how mitochondria fundamentally work.

I realized pretty quickly that hormone panels are quantum proxies for electron movement in our mitochondria.

Medicine wants to see data in RCT to see if history repeats. They require repeatable data to count as data to base clinical decisions they call evidence based medicine.  The problem is when RCT’s have been re done……..we rarely get the same results. This should clue them in……..maybe what they believe is off a bit. This story was told recently in this article.

Unfortunately, this is not how biology fundamentally works in our mitochondria.  Nothing is ever repeated perfectly, because the environment is always changing on this planet and around our mitochondria.  Think about identical twins. They have the exact same genome, but they don’t have the same life or outcomes, but their lives and health often “approximate” one another.  This is why doctors ask about your family history as well, because our lives do rhyme with our families outcomes because we often share a lot of similar environments. I learned in my own biohacks over a decade that history never repeats itself, but it rhymes, and the rhyme varies as the environment I select for changes.”

The above is extrapolated from A neurosurgeon well ahead of his time in terms of the effects of blue light on mitochondria and so much more. A courageous educator of real healthy living.  


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