Ay Carumba is what I think of when I hear coronavirus. I have an exaggerated sarcastic oh Lordy Coronoavirus killing off the planet! It’s sarcastic because corona isn’t killing the planet. A collective mindset of fear and years of electro fog,  polluted air, food and water is wiping us out. Like everything this is another shake up for a wake up. Possibly the last one needed.

WARNING… Raw juice blog can be opinionated, explicit & raw. “The universities do not teach all things, so a doctor must seek out old wives, gypsies, sorcerers, wandering tribes, old robbers, and such outlaws and take lessons from them. A doctor must be a traveler… Knowledge is experience.” Paracelsus

Here is my very basic explanation of how it’s going down, from China town!

  • Coronaviruses have been going around for a long while. Fear pandemic is increasing infection rate.
  • Radiation is activating antigens planted in mainly the air, but also food and vaccines. We have been drip fed over years and years.
  • Other prep has been vegan sustainability movement “don’t eat meat for veganuary” – a crucial source of protein that allows for critical thinking! (i.e having a logical informed response, instead of a panic) AND if you are not eating meat you are likely eating more chemicals and metals through the high inflammatory diet. PREVENTING YOU FROM ABSORBING NUTRIENTS. Most people lost this ability year ago due to WIFI, GMO crops and chemicals in household products. Heal your gut speak to a nutritionist or naturopath today.
  • Next stage is spread of disease and economic crash. People can’t work people in quarantine.
  • If you can’t work then you can’t eat. The banks will look like heros coming in to save the people.
  • Magic vaccine is delivered with a microchip, debt is wiped and sustainable plan implemented. Looks great on the outside; hand outs, sustainable living. But in the mean time government becomes centralised, voices are not heard all sovereign rights are taken away. Unless people take action now.
  • 6G and terahertz implemented whilst we are looking the other way OR in the name of demand needed as we are all quarantined…! OR this virus has been buzzing about since 2019 (hence the name- another lockdown mechanism to prevent 2020 vision) and higher frequencies being turned on = radiation on a mass scale. So this could well all be the side effects of radiation and there is no new virus, just radiation triggering proteins and dormant viruses. 

Solutions: what to do.. everything and absolutely nothing!

No.1 protect your electromagnetic field by doing everything you can to stay in the heart and not in the fear-based head. Tone your environment. Tone your gut. Reprogram you’re mind with the RN Cleanse. 

Address your underlying viral load and get health informed with a health assessment. Do the RN cleanse to reduce mucous forming foods, mucous is where pathogens live.  Fix your gut with Gut Repair to better absorb your nutrients.

If you’re still working a BS job being a slave to the dollar. Stop. Learn a skill that you love. Learn how to be happy in your heart. Do Naturo therapy. Some of the world will crash the others will flourish. You have a choice. You also have a voice and power is with the people. Not outside of you like you are conditioned to believe. Blast out your parasitic beliefs with a parasite cleanse as part of the RN Cleanse pack.

Learn how to dissolve familial grief that has been passed down to you. Learn how to release grief with videos and my protocol

Don’t let ego rule the body. Ego is for protection, normally from self.. Disease ‘dis-ease’ is an opportunity to go beyond ego-mind and look within. Get real go to your darkness, bring it to the light. What do you need to get off your chest? Where is your grief, your pain. What really fucks you off about being human? Go there, be there, feel there. Build your energetic immunity and nervous system resilience. Use presence practices.

To be informed in an embodied state is to thrive. Join a world wide mediation on April 4th here to help stabilise the planet.

Insanity is disconnection from self and source. So how many people on the planet are insane today? Welcome the global cleanse. It’s time to get real. Go naturo.

Ay Carumba Corona is here.

Everybody freak out the toxins in air pollution is set off with fear.

Oooh all going to plan but what is the plan? Is it to suffer in fear. Or is is to feel, to heal and overcome mind control spiel.

Hmm how do you break free of so many lies, you eliminate the grime to free your mind and your time.

Do it with your friends it’s called the RN-Cleanse. Reduce mucous and kill the parasitic heeby jeebies, break through the hologram to simulate other realities.

Preparation to showcase the ET’s on 21.20! weeeeeeeee

The ‘RN Cleanse Package’

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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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