WHOLESALE Herbal formula 100ml x30



A pack of 30x 100ml is 1 wholesale order: Please state in payment area which formula you require. Our Naturopath will be in touch with you shortly after payment. NB: FREE SHIPPING TO THE UK.

For guidance please schedule a 15minute complimentary consultation to flesh our which formulas best suit your clients here:


  1. Calm energy (catecholamines)
  2. Dopa fix/neurotone (dopaminergic, microcirculation) 200ml only
  3. Wise women (oestrogenic) 200ml only
  4. Fresh (choleretic)
  5. Parasite cleanse (antiparasitic)
  6. Calm (hypnotic for sleep)
  7. Immune defence (upper respiratory and lymphatic)
  8. Infection control (vascular general antimicrobial)
  9. Convalesce (trophosrestorative)
  10. Blast (antiviral) 200ml only
  11. Creative T (testosterone modulator) 200ml only
  12. Creative P /Women’s tonic (progesterone modulator) 200ml only
  13. Berry hearty (cardiotonic)200ml only
  14. Bitter this (absorption) x4 50ml bottles
  15. Brain Pow (nootropic)
  16. GUT 2 (restore gut permeability)
  17. Naturo greens (REDOX)

Instruct client to take alongside a Naturo anti-inflammatory diet or the RN cleanse. You are responsible for assuring no contraindications. See forum for full lists of contraindications. All standard precautions which can be found on our forum using QR code on label to access protocols.

If there is an underlying medical conditions you or your client must speak with a naturo-medicine practitioner for herb drug interactions.

If suitable for children see revised dosage on forum. Children’s formulas available and also a family pack. Speak with us today for personalised health care (UK) 01223 911773 [email protected]

MINIMUM ORDER 30 bottles.


200ml bottles wholesale here