Spiritual emergence Protocol

Turning crisis to consciousness

Firstly it’s important to know that I see most types of nervous breakdown, schizophrenia or mental disillusionment from a spiritual perspective. A type of spiritual emergence and/or psychic attack from trauma. 

Before my own shake up for a wake up – a near death experience involving a lethal substance – I worked as a carer looking after and observing patients who had paranoid schizophrenia for many years. I also ran retreats for VIP (very important people) who were going through nervous breakdowns. I was a muse for successful rockstars on tour. I treated the occasional clients in Cambridge clinic who were hearing thoughts after a traumatic events. And in Ibiza I treated many clients dazed and confused after drug induced psychosis, namely after dreaded ayahuasca ceremonies aka psychic attack orgy’s. 

I had a beautiful kundalini awakening experience during meditation in 2013 and have been on a spiritual journey since, delving into breatharianism/pranic living for a whole year and many other fascinating science breaking phenomenas. So when I had a breakdown I thought that I was well equipped with the tools necessary to treat myself. Little did I know what I was in for! And just how redundant my naturopathic and nursing degree would be. My world fell apart financially and intellectually. It took me 18months to fully recover. I ditched the medical model that I was using for my clients and increased the dose by x10 for most of the nutritional medicine. I had my brilliant P.A clear my diary and schedule all of the Naturo therapists I was using on retreats for myself. I cocooned myself in a friends home in the countryside, where I spent every day on the ground with my bunny rabbits. Real ones, not in my head ;).

 I don’t remember the first 3 weeks they are a blur. I have audio recordings that I made every day however to measure what I was going through. Although I was hazy and in and out of realities I knew that I had to do everything to stay grounded. Enough to record and measure what I was going experiencing on the daily. My biggest fear was not losing my mind or even the scary visions. It wasn’t that I could hear other peoples thoughts and see faces of their past lives. My greatest fear, that stays with me today, is losing my connection to source and to the earth. Disconnection is insanity.  I was disjointed and afraid but somehow I knew that this was just my journey right now and it wouldn’t last. I sought out a Tibetan buddhist teacher and commenced on a 6month journey to move towards the rest of my life. The rest I am saving for one of the many books that reside within. For now I hope to advice and support as many people as possible with the Emergence Protocol that use the Naturo Method 3 prong approach. 

The Naturo method is a very holistic approach to address physical, mental, psychic and spiritual bodies.  

This doesn’t mean that I negate the conventional medicine approach of antipsychotics but I believe there is a huge area for wisdom and growth after traumatic events with correct integrative care. Meticulous correct care is necessary.

Here is the 3 step approach for immediate results:

  1. Aura clearing to remove and seal the parameters and intuitive explanation of circumstance. This can be done at home or in the hospital. As soon as possible preferably.
  2. Somatic session, to ground into the body and increase intuitive connection to self and source. Do as soon as consciously aware of surroundings.
  3. Qigong facilitation for resilience and ongoing management. 18months of facilitated practice to rebuild the nervous system.


Step 1 (3-6 weeks)

  • Niacin-Highest dose you can tolerate
  • Precooked food and cold pressed juices plus bone broth ONLY IF does not make symptoms worse. Gersons believed that vegetarian diet is best for schizophrenia
  • L-Glutamine 40g a day
  • Tryptophan 5g a day
  • Intravenous B12 and magnesium
  • Binaural beats to sleep use headphones important. MOST of the repair work will be done when you are sleeping or in the theta brainwave activity. it hive.com or flamininmind app by Dan Winters are expensive but extraordinary.
  • Yoga Nidra as frequently as possible to induce theta activity repair and restore of neural junctions
  • Create a sanctuary, don’t accept anybody in unless they are a very close friend. You don’t want to hear any superficial chit chat. Any noise can be too much.
  • Herbal formula: neuro tone. This has https://www.realnaturo.com/shop/neuro-tone/
  • During this period get lots of hand on touch. Loving therapeutic touch and sit on the earth for as many hours as possible

Step 2 (after 3-6 weeks)

  • Glutamine 20g a day
  • tryptophan 2.5grams a day
  • Binaural beats and yoga nidra daily
  • Continue neruotone except for 3 days of a Parasite cleanse 5ml 3x a day OR 2.5ml 5x a day https://www.realnaturo.com/shop/intestinal-clearparasite-cleanse-100ml/ with 1 drop of pine essential oil per 100ml. You must do above protocol before this and HAVE AN ENTITY CLEARING OTHERWISE SYMPTOMS CAN GET WORSE.  You also need the somatic techniques to feel into your body. Good idea to have a somatic session the same day, just before you take the first dose of this.
  • Begin Qigong with practitioner facilitation only. This is for resilience of autonomic nervous system
  • Begin to see more people but no crowds or stressful environments
  • Continue with naturo therapy

Step 3

  • Continue with neuro tone for up to 3.5 months at 15ml a day then reduce dose to maintenance 5ml a day
  • Continue the somatic work
  • Embodiment practice. Movement daily this may be exercise or dance for 20minutes. Its important to produce necessary neurotransmitters
  • Continue with qigong presence practices without practitioner with their permission
  • Acupuncture as needed

For more info go to our Real-talk.online forum thread or find a local NaturoPro. See my personal recommendations below.  

For online assistance I recommend Desiree, Atira and Aaron. I love all of these guys they are my Presence Practitioner go to, otherwise called the “PP A-Team.”

Naturo therapy:

1. Familial Energy clearing and aura protection

– Desiree clears energy and channels from the purest of light. This gives information needed at a time of transformation to join dots together. She is a brilliant grounded guide,  https://www.floatyourboattherapy.com. Trained personally by my mentor and Naturo Retreat yoga practitioner Akiko of Shima healing centre Thailand . https://www.shima-healing.org

– You can also achieve this via Dan Winters theraphi.tech machine.

– Pranic healing is also effective. All dependant on the practitioner.  

2. Somatic Experience trauma therapy

– Atira specialises in somatic trauma therapy. She has a lineage through yoga https://www.atiratan.com

– others can be found by doing a search for somatic experiencing trauma therapists


Presence practice:


–  www.energyarts.com is a good place to start with finding’s a practitioner. My fave is Aaron; a qigong master with many psychic abilities. A real life wizard. He is based in America but is often in the UK running workshops in Manchester. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRnVkud5oOI


-restorative yoga is necessary here, a very subtle facilitation by a master yogi, no certificate trained hipster.

Importance of lineage

All of the above have a strong foundation of a lineage, of which I believe is very necessary when working with nervous system overwhelm. Especially that which has resulted in viral thoughts. Also considered a fast kundalini rising. Often induced by stress, psychoactive drugs or un-facilitated breath-work.

I honestly believe that if we all practiced presence practices and disciplines like yoga and qigong from masters not the ‘local hipster’ the kundalini rising experience wouldn’t be so rough. It’s not meant to be. Which is why I insist that correctly trained presence practice teachers are on all of Naturo retreats. Not only do they hold space from a long lineage but they provide each person with a safety structure for transformation to take place long after the retreat finishes.

Naturo medicine (as administered by Naturo-medicine practitioner):


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