Pollutants and parasites are the biggest instigators of chronic disease. Naturopaths believe that all diseases are multifactorial. However evidence shows:

‘a defined correlation exists between presence of parasites, exposure to pollutants and increases in chronic disease.’



Avoid water from plastic bottles and the tap. Spring water purity is dependent on the region, it needs to be filtered.  Use reverse osmosis where possible and when detoxing distilled water with added minerals. See FORUM for more info and videos on this.


Go to nature as frequently as possible. The freshest air is normally in forests, mountains and at sea.  According to epigenetics your risk of becoming sick is much greater if you live in a polluted area. Reduce this risk this by prioritising your time in clean nature and cleansing daily alongside presence practices.


Make your home a retreat with RN cleanse.  This is a naturopathic protocol to cleanse mind, body and spirit. All three need to be addressed equally for health. We incorporate the following:

  1. Naturo-medicine for the physical body; this is herbal and nutritional medicine.
  2. Naturo-therapy for mental health; these therapies use breath work to go beyond the ego.
  3. Presence practices and Naturo-yoga for nervous system resilience, immune health and longevity. These include: yoga, qigong and meditation.


  • Use the kundalini breath of fire breathe to cleanse your day in the evening. See our RealTalk FORUM for free videos.
  • Have a morning ritual in place where you sit for a few minutes and simply breathe 7 deep abdominal breaths before you do anything else. This allows for the nights rest, where your spirit is fully alive and kicking, sorting out the unconscious to settle. It also gives space for the master organ, the liver, to settle after detoxification pathways have been hard at work all night long. A foggy head every morning can be a sign of toxic load on the liver.
  • Skin brush to exfoliate the dead skin cells and allow new ones to proliferate. This is the best way to stimulate your lymphatic circulation which takes waste out of the blood. Helping your skin to glow and boosting immune health.
  • Neti-pot daily to cleanse mucous and dirt from the nasal cavity that can end up in your blood stream. This puts extra strain on the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys to filter through more chemicals and bacterias. The body has not evolved quick enough to detoxify the byproducts we inhale daily from the beginning of the industrial evolution. If we lived in harmony with nature there would be no need for any of this additional cleansing.
  • Cuppa clay, one a week to extrapolate pollutants, and neutralise bacteria in the gut.
  • Magnet therapy; sleep on a magnetic sheet at night time to de-ionise the body, balance pH and kill parasites.
  • Write a journal for incessant thoughts to get them out of your head. Writing by hand is cathartic in itself as it regulates the left and right brain hemispheres.
  • Sit in nature daily. Go swimming in the ocean, or sit in a park, at the very least have your bare feet in direct contact with the earth. This is brilliant to negate the detrimental effects of WI-FI.
  • Exercise every day, move your body. Whether it is a simple qigong practice, a brisk walk or a cardio work out, channels of elimination function at their optimum when the body moves as it is designed to.
  • Juice cleansing is a great kick start for all of the above. You will receive explanatory videos in the forum on how to do all of the above.


Stress is a normal part of life. However unmanaged stress is held in the cells of the body as inflammation. Inflammation is the biggest cause of disease. Toxic life stress includes;

  1. PHYSICAL – poisoning yourself directly with vaccinations and junk (genetically modified food, pollutants from plastics and industry).
  2. MENTAL – unhealthy and incessant thoughts. Repetitive cycles or mind control
  3. EMOTIONAL – suppression or over expression of emotions and the vices used as distractions, excessive watching of TV, all addictions, or the other end being consumed by the drama and having no peace of mind.
  4. SPIRITUAL – over exposure to radiation/wifi, junk food, drug intake; pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs; especially narcotics and amphetamines. Psychedelics also – Ayahuasca can hook you into an experience instead of assert you to integrate your sub-conscious ways. See this Raw Juice blog for more on Ayahuasca.

The SOLUTION: Use Presence practices on our FORUMS such as meditation, qigong and yoga. These are the easiest way to  increase your awareness and live a life unburdened by stress and toxicity.

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